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Assay and Data Management System (AIMS)

  • A web-based customizable system for experiment data submission and storage
  • Web-submission forms for collecting metadata from 7 high-throughput experimental platforms
  • Effective for bringing the experiment data and metadata in compliance with the “Minimum information about…” requirements
  • Functionality extends to batch submission, batch editing and filtering
  • Interlinked with sample and patient data of PASSIM by a common system of identifiers
  • Proved to be successful in the EU MolPAGE project
  • Light-weight LIMS-like solution for projects in systems biology and translational medicine

PASSIM for BioMedical Studies

The Patient and Sample System for Information Management (PASSIM)
  • Submission and retrieval of information about patients and biomedical samples
  • Easy to customize for various needs of biomedical projects
  • Secures patient confidentiality by separating de-identified information from private record
  • Web-based with role-defined user access rights
  • Successful in a large international collaborative project-MolPAGE